C Street NE Multimodal Corridor Study

Final Report

The final report can be viewed below.

Final Report (single-page spread) (Adobe PDF)

Final Report (2-page spread) (Adobe PDF)

Study Purpose

The DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) is conducting a multimodal corridor study of C Street NE between 16th Street NE and 21st Street NE (study area map). Building on the hard work from the previous C Street study in 2010, DDOT is conducting this study to evaluate the current and future multimodal transportation conditions along the corridor, and to refine previous recommendations and concepts for improving mobility and safety for all users. The concepts developed for the previous study (located here) identified a range of measures to improve conditions for non-auto users, expand streetcaping and “green” infrastructure, and balance the needs of passenger and freight vehicles. Much has changed in the area since 2010, including completed construction projects on Benning Road and the 11th Street Bridge. These completed projects have substantially affected how C Street NE is being used by motorists today. As a result, this study will be relying on a range of new data and analysis to better understand how the previous concepts, including potentially revised concepts, affect how we will use the corridor in the future. While the specific extents of the study include C Street NE between 16th Street NE and 21st Street NE, DDOT will also be working to understand any impacts these potential changes may have on users and residents of adjacent streets in the study area.

Get Involved

DDOT is committed to ensuring that the C Street NE corridor is a safe place to travel for all users and wants to engage with those who live, work, and go to school in the area. The study process will include two public meetings at key stages in the planning process, and all interested stakeholders are encouraged to attend. Additionally, the public is invited to submit ideas and input regarding transportation improvements along C Street NE using the online mapping and comment features here.

Initial concepts, alternatives, findings, and public meeting materials will be posted on this website as the study progresses.

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